Limited Edition


Our chosen cause to support, Givewatts helps bring solar powered light and energy sources to young people in Africa. 20% of proceeds go towards a Givewatts community project

There are more than 1.3 billion people on our planet that don’t have access to electricity, or almost 1 out of 4.

Living without electricity is not by choice and a major stumbling block to achieving ambitions, raising out of poverty and realizing full potential.

1.3 billion people is a daunting number. But by coming together, by helping one child at the time, we know how we can help millions of them. Givewatts has started with one child, nearly 9 years ago and now has more than 1300 schools in its network across rural Kenya.

Together with Givewatts team we selected the community in coastal Malindi area, where 20% of the sales of our limited edition mats will be redirected to contribute to improving the lives of young people living there. By selecting a limited edition mat, your purchase pledges support and spreads the awareness of the good work Givewatts has been doing for years.

You can learn more about GIVEWATTS at